Development of commercial or industrial property is complicated beyond the logistics of standard procurement and construction procedures. Unfamiliar regulations and potentially litigious situations present impediments to successful, on-budget and
on-schedule completion.

We provide comprehensive management of environmental affairs, from baseline
environmental affairs mgt

environmental or subsurface studies, site characterization, archeological survey, geotechnical investigations, and UST or soil removal or remediation. Globeteck's hands-on approach, as well as periodically assessing the progress and direction of the project, assures that the scope of work stays on track.

hazardous materials

Globeteck knowledgeably assists it's clients with deciphering through numerous regulated materials and waste management laws including TSCA, RCRA, NESHAPS CERCLA/SARA, AHERA, ASHARA, DOT, OSHA, Federal, State, and local government agencies (Federal EPA & HI Department Health), thus helping our clients to avoid regulatory pitfalls associated with mishandled or improper
transporting and/or disposal of hazardous materials and/or waste(s).

Globeteck has an established rapport with remediation and hazardous waste disposal companies. In contrast to other companies, we provide the client with viable disposal and compliance alternatives.

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Globeteck is a premier company in the State of Hawaii for managing Construction Site Safety and Health. Globeteck provides experience in evaluating clients’ needs and in interfacing with regulators. In doing this, we at Globeteck have set standards for contractors and other companies to attain.

Our professionals have

construction safety

extensive Federal and State occupational health and safety experience. Globeteck develops and helps implement cost-effective health and safety programs that assure client and employee have a safe work place, using a common sense and cost-effective approach.

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Globeteck successfully guides its clients through a virtual maze of national and local regulatory requirements. Such clients are typically government, public and private concerns, abatement contractors, painters, and general contractors who have undertaken renovation projects where ASBESTOS-CONTAINING MATERIALS (ACM) or LEAD-BASED PAINT (LBP) must be disturbed.

Other aspects include: providing cost projections for removal, encapsulation or enclosure, writing specifications, soliciting bids from reputable abatement contractors and acting as owner's agent during removal. Should the decision be made to leave ACM

or LBP in place, we will develop and implement Operation & Maintenance Plans.

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Globeteck conducts property Environmental Assessments using the industry-standard four (4) phase approach and in compliance with the ASTM Standards. Particular attention is directed to historical uses of the property and the presence of: ACM and LBP, hazardous chemical materials and wastes, petroleum product contamination, polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCB's), underground storage tanks (UST's), soil and water contamination.

Should an environmental concern be identified in either a Transaction Screen or Phase I Environmental Assessment, Globeteck will recommend a Phase II Environmental Assessment to quantify the extent and qualify the degree of the


problem. Techniques that have been successful in identifying contamination include: soil and ground water sampling analysis, bulk material sampling and analysis for asbestos, paint chip sampling and analysis for lead content, PCB location, identification, and sampling if required for identification, sampling soil and water for analysis of fossil fuels, pesticide sampling and analysis, herbicide sampling and analysis, and other regulated metal sampling and analysis, as well as additional sophisticated analytical procedures.

Depending upon the anticipated use for the property, a Phase III study which addresses remediation procedures, may be recommended.

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soil sampling

Globeteck provides qualified field sampling technicians and sample analysis services. Since treatment and disposal methods for waste streams and environmental contamination are dependent upon proper categorization, dependable data is required to properly assure waste classification and disposal action.

Globeteck's hazardous chemical specialists can recommend appropriate sampling methodologies. Appropriate sampling methods and materials, often overlooked, are the first step in obtaining accurate field data. Globeteck's field personnel have extensive experience in collecting and handling various types of samples for laboratory analysis, such as; soil, air,

surface water, ground water, paint chips, and building materials.Globeteck also conducts on-site, real time field analysis of soil and water contamination, hazardous waste determination, and air quality. Globeteck owns and maintains industry standard portable field equipment for both sampling and analysis.

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Globeteck's comprehensive Industrial Hygiene services include the recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational environments, including those with exposures to:
• Asbestos
• Confined Spaces
• Fossil Fuels or Petroleum Product
• Gases
• Heat
• Herbicides
• Lead and other regulated Metals
• Noise
• Organic Chemicals
• Particulate Matter
• PCB's
• Pesticides
• Vapors

asbestos air monitoring equipment

Our measurement techniques include traditional air media sampling in accordance with EPA and OSHA methods of media sampling, as well as passive vapor detection and real-time monitoring of gases and vapors. Bio-monitoring programs for out clients have been implemented by Globeteck personnel in conjunction with contract and/or associate laboratories. Additional areas of expertise include:

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